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USTA rolls out free Pathway owner reports

February 23, 2018

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In the first of three weekly launches, the U.S. Trotting Association’s statistical database, Pathway, has introduced new, free ownership reports on the USTA website.
In the next two weeks, additional new reports will be made available that include a summary of the history of major open North American stakes races with trainer information added, driver and trainer statistics in major open stakes races, and a listing of horse, trainer or driver information searchable by any state or any racetrack.

Some of these statistics are available for the first time and others, which were previously available, will now be updated on a daily basis rather than annually and are sortable by multiple categories. All of these reports include more detailed reports that are available for a small fee.

These new reports join the free Regulatory Rulings reports that were made available for free starting on Jan. 26.

There are three new ownership statistical reports:
1) Individual Owners by Year – Top 50
2) Top Owners by Year – Top 50
3) Ownership Statistics by Year
The first two free reports are available under the Statistics tab in Pathway.

1) Individual Owners by Year – This listing is for the total earnings for all horses for a specific contact who is officially listed as a full or part owner in USTA records. The list is ranked in order by total horse earnings for the contact. These are not an individual’s actual earnings since the percentage of ownership in each horse has not been calculated.  This report is free.

• Additional detailed reports on horses owned, ownership connections and owned horse’s race results are available for a small fee.

2) Top Owners by Year – Includes individuals or any combination of owners in a group.  Ownership groups that have the same exact owners but listed in a different order are counted together.  This Top 50 report of owners ranked by horse earnings is free.

• Additional detailed reports of horses owned, ownership connections and horse’s race results are available for a small fee.

The third new ownership report is available under the People tab in Pathway for a small fee.

3) Ownership Statistics by Year – A searchable and sortable database that generates statistical reports for any individual owner or partnership for a particular year.

To access any of these reports, users must have a Pathway account. There is no charge to set up an account. In addition to these and other free reports, users also can purchase a wide variety of Standardbred performance and pedigree reports.

To create a Pathway account, click here or on the Pathway tab on the USTA website.

For questions regarding Pathway, please contact Pathway support at pathway@ustrotting.com or call 877-800-8782 ext. 4.

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