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Vernon situation explained by NY Racing Board

October 31, 2007

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Harnessracing.com was told Wednesday morning by a New York State Racing and Wagering Board spokesman that Vernon Downs\' request to cancel its last four days of racing was not approved by the Board, and that the Board is continuing to monitor the situation.
In an email from the Board\'s public information officer Dan Toomey, he stated: \"It is our understanding that Vernon Downs is not going to comply with the licensed conditions requiring them to conduct racing for their final four days. Race dates are a condition of an approved license and once a license is approved by this board, tracks are required to put on live racing for all of their requested race days. The board has the authority to issue fines/suspensions/revocations when entities they regulate violate the conditions of their license. The amount of fine or severity of suspension is issued on a case-to-case basis. No action has been taken against Vernon Downs as the Board continues to monitor the situation.\"
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