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Wojcio injured in Cal Expo spill

January 11, 2010

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Driver Richard Wojcio is in a California hospital with a concussion and numerous broken bones after an accident in the 11th race at Cal Expo on Saturday.
Wojcio and his mount, GH Jasmin, were following Linnea Blue Chip and driver Frank Petrelli near the back of the pack as the field headed to the middle of the stretch, when Linnea Blue Chip stumbled and fell. GH Jasmin ran into her, catapulting Wojcio and then landing on top of him.
Wojcio got to his feet after the accident and walked to the rail, but he was immediately attended to by ambulance personnel, who transported him to the hospital. There he was diagnosed with broken facial bones and humerus (upper arm), and a concussion. (USTA)
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