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Woodbine Hi-5 pool tops $3 million

April 04, 2015

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The Woodbine Entertainment Group offered a mandatory payout on the Jackpot Hi-5 wager Saturday night at Woodbine Racetrack. The Jackpot Hi-5 wager requires a horseplayer to select the top five finishers in order. If there are multiple winning tickets, 50 percent of the evening's pool is paid out to the winning tickets, while the other half is carried over to the following card.
The last single winner to take home the entire Jackpot was on Dec. 8, 2014. As a result, a record carryover of $847,458.26 had accumulated over the past several months and was offered in a mandatory payout on Saturday's card. Scheduled as the last race on the 11-race program, the Jackpot Hi-5 had $2,581,505 (before takeout) of new money wagered Saturday night, bringing the total pool size to $3,041,738.
The result was a payout of $4,317.55 on a $1 wager ($863.51 on a 20-cent wager) after Camaes Fellow and driver Jonathan Drury came away with the victory at odds of 4-5.
The top five finishers are as follows:
1. #4 Camaes Fellow – 4/5
2. #2 Bilbo Hanover – 4/1
3. #8 Cougar Hall – 7/1
4. #12 Regal Son – 12/1
5. #6 The Rev – 11/1
The Jackpot Hi-5 wager, which was added to the WEG betting menu in October 2013, has a 20-cent minimum bet and a takeout rate of 15 percent.
The Jackpot Hi-5 will now start from scratch on Monday evening's card at Woodbine. (WEG)
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