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Woodbine\'s request to cancel Sundays denied

October 10, 2007

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The Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) has denied Woodbine Entertainment Group’s request to cancel eight Sundays of racing in November, although it said it would re-consider the final four Sundays after examining what transpires the first three Sundays that the track remains open in November.

A statement released by the ORC read in part: “After carefully considering the business case and the additional support information, and after considering the various submissions received from other parties, the executive director informed WEG that he is not inclined to approve the application, as he remains unconvinced that a compelling business case has been made for this change.

“The executive director is, however, prepared to consider a re-application to cancel the final four Sundays of the calendar year, after such time that WEG has been able to analyze and provide information on the experience of the first three Sundays. Prior to Oct. 31, 2007, WEG is being asked to propose a set of benchmarks against which analysis of horse supply and quality of racing can be measured. If the Woodbine November experience supports the horse supply and quality concerns, the executive director would be prepared to reconsider the cancellation of the last four Sundays at that time.”

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